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The Devolution of Politics in Comics

August 29, 2018 Jordan 0

If you’re a long time comics fan, then there is absolutely no doubt that you’ve had at least one or two(hundred) conversations about the state of political discourse within the pages of the books we love to read. Those on the extreme left(who tend to be the ones writing a good portion of mainstream Marvel and DC books nowadays) are shoving their insane politics down the throats of their readers and the fans of those same politics tend to try and shout down anyone who disagrees with either the politics themselves or how they are portrayed in the medium, often […]

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(04) Comic of the Week – Death of Superman

August 28, 2018 GradedAdmin 0

  Today Wayne tackles the seminal DC story, The Death of Superman Like what you see? Want to help support our endeavors? Give a our Patreon a gander over yonder! (Music used – Louise Bynre – Neptune Underscore)

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The Weekly Ramble – “Always Punch Nazis”

August 24, 2018 GradedAdmin 0

This week, the gang meets up to discuss one of the stupidest and most cringey kickstarter campaigns they have ever seen in the realm of comics. Music by junior85 (

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(03) Comic of the Week – X-Men #01

August 20, 2018 GradedAdmin 0

  Wayne is back to take over Comic of the Week again, with some good ole American X-Men! Give a gander and an ear to Wayne going over why X-Men #01 is such an important comic!   (Music used – Louise Bynre – Neptune Underscore)

All Star Superman – A Boring Hero Made Compelling

August 15, 2018 Jordan 0

It’s safe to say that I never really enjoyed Superman as a character or hero. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that the character is one that doesn’t really work well in the current era of comics. Superman is the peak of “golden age” heroes – a knight in shining armor, full of virtue and lacking any weakness, to save the day when things look grim. And while that sort of hero was a great thing to read during the 30s and 40s, as time has gone on, readers of comics(and fiction in general) look less for characters they […]

Crowdfunding Comics: Blood, Skulls & Chrome

August 14, 2018 Jordan 0

DISCLOSURE: While we are not being given monetary compensation for our coverage of this kickstarter, I, Jordan, have personally put down my own money towards the project and was given a look at the currently in-progress comic to read for this coverage. Crowdfunding, whether you love it or hate it, can be a very important tool to see content that might not otherwise be made in the industries we love come to life. Today, we’ve got a pitch for a currently on-going kickstarter campaign that we all thought might be right up your alley. Recently, we here at Graded 0.5 […]

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(02) Comic of the Week – Dragonball #203

August 13, 2018 GradedAdmin 0

This week, Jordan takes us on an adventure into the Japanese market of manga to talk about one of the greatest chapters of his favorite Shonen manga of all time, Dragonball #203! Enjoy what you see, and would like to support? Considering sliding into our Patreon –

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(01) Comic of the Week – Uncanny X-Men #285

August 6, 2018 GradedAdmin 0

  Welcome to a new series where we pay homage to comic issues that have a significance for us, the comic world, or culture in general! In our first ep of a new series, Wayne highlights a comic with a special personal connection, The Uncanny X-Men Vol. 285! Enjoy what you see, and would like to support? Considering sliding into our Patreon – (Music used – Louise Bynre – Neptune Underscore)